Hearing was never so natural, again!

About Us

Listen at an unheard level !

By using our hearing aid you will regain a sense that you once thought was lost.

Enjoy the sounds that surround you !

By using our hearing aid you will be able to participate again in any activity you like !

Imagine a world of auditory adventures and experiences available to you again.

A combination of updateable software together with capabilities of Machine Learning in a level not yet introduced !


We offer our services on all existing digital models of hearing-aids.

Our advantage is that we can work with the following models:

ITE, Canal (ITC , CIC), BTE

The secret , as in any product, is not the hardware but the software that gives it its added value as the future most innovative hearing-aid.

Our products aim at both adults and children.

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The main concept is an integrated ML ability with an option to update the software through online subscription or through its app version (infrastructure for the update supplied with the hearing aid).


One of the advantages of Esion-Red is that it will be compatible with Ios as with Android, with Windows as with Linux (with various distributions) and all that with intuitive system that assists you to easily update your hearing-aid software.

Special attention is given to the fact that the majority of the customers are in an age which doesn’t always find internet or working with computers an easy task